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Hello everyone and welcome to the second game made by Unknown Games Studios. This game was not only made by me (Simon) but also with my Friend and Co-Founder of Unknown Games Studios Alex.

The second game on this account is also not sparkling with gameplay-depth or awesome looking UI elements. It was a very spontaneous project which we made in 1.5 hours time. Its main purpose was to show Alex some things in C#, since he is new to programming.

Like with the first project, we're not heading towards a complex game design or anything similar, we just wanted to make something on one afternoon in order to try new things - you are very welcome to leave feedback, and soon we will be back with a new (better) game :)

Cheers, Simon

Install instructions

This build is only for PCs running on Windows, we are working on files to ensure you can play future games in the Browser!


Dodge the Spikes Setup (x86).exe 9 MB

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